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Album release management, PR, and graphics & merchandise developer New Outlaw is offering a weekly Virtual Gig Guide for performances in the UK. They encourage all artists to let them know of online events so that they may be included in this weekly guide.

This week’s offerings include:

Saturday, 25 April: Robin Bibi via Saturday Night Legends – 21:00 (UK Time)

Saturday, 25 April: Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective launch their new single “Life on The Road” to aid the NHS – 4:30 PM (UK time)

Sunday, 26 April: Isolation Music Festival 5 – 13:00-18:00 (UK Time) – featuring Sheri Kershaw, Richard Townend, Trevor Gentry, Bob Collum, Nigel Barker, Rob Falsini, Steve Morrison, Izzie Thatcher, Tony De Meur, When Rivers Meet, Starlite Campbell, Tim Edley, Callum Morgan, Dom Pipkin, and Andrew Black.

Sunday, 26 April: Redfish Lockdown –  20:00 (UK Time)

Sunday, 26 April: Dan Burnett 18:30 (UK time) (with more planned for all Sundays for the foreseeable future)

Friday, 1 May: Rebecca Downes -19:30 (UK Time)

But wait, there’s more!

Live events from the Brickmakers, Norwich

Fri – Brickmakers – FIREWIRE – ‘LIVE NOT LIVE’ Video stream on Facebook & YouTube  – 2 Sets – First Set at 9pm & Second Set at 10pm

Sat – Brickmakers – SKAFACE UK – ‘LIVE NOT LIVE’ Video Stream on Facebook & YouTube –  2 Sets – First Set at 9pm & Second Set at 10pm

Sat – B2 Venue – ALPHA OMEGA ‘LIVE NOT LIVE’ Video stream at 9pm followed by BENEATH THE EMBERS – ‘LIVE NOT LIVE’ Video stream at 10pm on Facebook & YouTube

Sun – Brickmakers – SMALL TALK – ‘LIVE NOT LIVE’ Video stream –  2 Sets – First Set at 3pm & Second Set at 4pm


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New Outlaw

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